Foot Fetish/Worship

Footnight International "Sexiest Feet" 2016

The moment you gaze upon my perfectly pedicured feet you will start drooling like a lap-dog. I am a true foot Goddess whose feet are the ultimate erogenous zone. My magnificent feet will melt you. They are the lowest part of my body yet totally above you. Like sweet candy treats, you will peer up at them from your place on the floor as I force you to massage them, kiss them, worship them, dream of them and use them to control you. My feet will own your dreams. I will make you inhale the intoxicating aroma of My Superior scent and use that smell to imprint your brain–nothing will be left for you but the image and smell of my perfect little peds. The very same feet that will crush you with unrelenting tease, denial, stomping, kicking, smothering, face-fucking abuse. See you under my sole.

If you think My naked feet are fabulous, My fabulous collection of shoes, heels and boots will permanently cripple all your other fantasies. I am always wearing something strappy, spikey or spectacular. It is a privilege to clean one of the stiletto heels I’ll stuff down your throat. Open-toed, closed-toes, 5-inch spike heeled sandals, thigh-high leather boots…My never-ending collection of shoes keep Me in style when I am working and when I am playing. My feet always look fantastic. Whenever I go out, it is great fun to watch innocent little foot-boys stare at my feet—in the club, at the grocery store or just walking down the street. I love the look, feel and smell of leather encasing My feet, calves and thighs. I just have to decide whether I want to use My 6-inch heels to crush your face, neck, nipple or balls. Actually, I probably do them all.

By this point you probably cannot contain the desire to be beneath My feet, but once you learn of My true love of stockings, pantyhose and socks you will totally succumb to the foot fetish trifecta: perfect peds, superior shoes and heavenly hose. Fully fashioned, French heel, Cuban heel, fishnet, fencenet, thigh-highs, stockings and sheer-to-waist pantyhose; they all smell fantastic as My tiny little toes are shoved in your face. The silky smooth nylon and silk material provides a material barrier between you and your Goddess. Only the chosen lucky few get to chew and suck on the pair of My dirty stockings only to be left begging for access to My bare feet.

The moment you gaze upon my perfectly pedicured feet you will start drooling like a lap-dog.
— Goddess Eden Winter

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