You must call the appointment line in order to book a meeting. You may initiate contact Me via email or text to arrange a time to call and briefly introduce yourself. 

A minimum of 24 hours advanced notice is required for all new clients. NO SAME DAY appointments! Keep in mind that My schedule fills up quickly! The earlier you call the better chance you have of booking the day and time you desire.

Persistency pays off. If I do not return your call or email try again. your efforts will be rewarded.

Calling instructions: I am available to take your phone calls Monday – Sunday from 10am – 8pm . I do not answer blocked or restricted phone numbers so please be sure to unblock your number. If you reach My voice mail leave a message with your first name and a contact number… I will call you back as soon as possible.

Text Messages: Feel free to send a quick text message introducing yourself and to inquire about availability. Please note that you will be required to call the appointment line in order to book a session.

Be aware that I am very selective about who I see. If W/we are not compatible or I am not comfortable, it will not happen.

APPOINTMENT LINE: 424-262-1681



Always be respectful of the Mistress. Show up on time, clean, well groomed and without body odor. If you are going to be late or cancel the appointment be courteous and call ASAP. The Mistress has taken great pains in assuring that Her appearance and personal grooming is absolutely IMPECABLE. She pays great attention to detail in order to provide the best experience for you. She expects the same thought and care from the slave.


No nudity on My part. Do not piss Me off. I will not stand for passive aggressive behavior or “SAMs”. I do not do heavy medical play including catheters, or saline injections. No outcall sessions. I DO NOT engage in any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual activities.