blue latex bikini

"Left to my own devices I am a heartless bitch who will take what I want from you and throw you away. But I have been known to show a softer side to those who are worthy. I started dominating My best friend in high-school and have had groveling boys begging for my attention ever since.

Some are mesmerized by My perfect feet. Some can’t look away from My magnificent breasts for more than a second. Other still find My ass to be the only thing they can think about. Put them all together with My stunning wardrobe of ultra sexy clothes designed to show off My perfect body and you are now dealing with a truly dangerous Woman. Cars crash as I walk down the street. I love the look and feel of feminine clothes and truly love the attention I get from losers like you. Dream on suckers. Dream on. The only way you ever get near Me is to read carefully what I like and learn how to please Me. So get to work worms and start studying."

-Goddess Ms Eden Winter