Goddess Worship

My body is strong and you are weak. From an early age it was clear to Me that My long luscious legs and large magnificent breasts gave Me power. Over the years I have refined My Goddess like image working out regularly to keep my Regal form in outstanding shape. As an enthusiast of fetish imagery Myself, I can appreciate those of you who cannot help but be drawn to the vision of Powerful Women.

It is rare to see huge natural breasts on such a fit, powerful figure. But I don’t stop there. I have always loved the iconography of the Female Goddess form and always dress to accentuate my exceptional form. Leather, lace, corsets, latex, heels, stockings, skirts that highlight My toned thighs and tops that reveal My glorious cleavage are always part of My intoxicating image.

I love dressing to tease and torment only to leave you desperate for more. Modeling My magnificent form for fabulous fetish photographers so I can create scenes of delicious fetish fantasy designed to highlight My amazing body gives Me great pleasure. I create erotic imagery because I like it—but it is nice to know it drives you wild.

When you see Me you know I have learned the art of tease and denial and am totally inaccessible to you. Yet you are still drawn to Me. My look communicates complete superiority yet you are still drawn to My presence. It is clear from my cold, distant attitude you are barely worth My time, but there is nothing you can do but try to please Me as the tiny little brain between your legs draws you to My perfected form.

The alluring scent of my leather encased body makes you dizzy with lust. Luxurious latex fitted like a second skin around my 34DDD-26-36 body becomes a vision you cannot forget. The rubber clad vision of a true vixen in latex will leave you begging to lick the inside of my sweet sweat drenched rubber panties.


I can barely stand to look at losers like you so instead, I drop you to the floor and use My magnificent ass to rule your pathetic world by brutally crushing your face. Beg to breathe sucker and pray I am in a good mood. I just might let you gasp a few little bits of life before things completely go black. Since you are useless beyond being a place to rest My perfect, tight, round ass I’ll probably just be sitting there ignoring you while you struggle. Are you imagining it retard? I bet your perverted little brain is dreaming of My holes so very close to your mouth… dream on loser — you’ll never get that close.

My large wardrobe of latex, leather, pantyhose, thongs and jeans will keep you properly separated from things you are way to pathetic to ever get. The only thing you will get is a set of lungs filled with My erotic scent that will only serve to totally melt your mind as you realize your future depends on Me. Once you get that smell drilled into your tiny little head there will be nothing more for you than to constantly think of serving below Me. Now you are really fucking screwed.

Once My ass owns you, I’ll have you begging just to spend a second as My throne. And guess what fucker? Now you get denied. So close, hovering right above you, the only thing you can see is Me inches from your face but you’ll get NOTHING until I decide it. I can’t wait to hear your pathetic begging asking Me to control your breath, steal your air, crush your face and use you up!

I love dressing to tease and torment only to leave you desperate for more.
— Goddess Eden Winter

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